First Frost?

October 13th, 2006

I just stepped out to get the newspapers and stepped back in right quick. It’s COLD out there. Of course, the weather people have been warning of this for days, but we had such a nice sunny pleasant time this week that I thought surely they must be wrong.

If I paid attention to the the birds instead of the weather people, I would have gotten the same message. Wednesday, I saw the first yellow-rumped warbler and the first ruby-crowned kinglet of the season. Thursday morning, I saw my first dark-eyed junco. Thursday evening, I surprised a group of sparrows foraging in some shrubs.

The leaves in the backyard are just starting to turn (except for the ashes, which are already looking sparse).

But I still trust words (stupid, I know), so I just checked the latest weather service forecast. Loudoun County has a freeze warning for tonight, while just over the line here in Fairfax County, we have not even a frost warning. I’m going to gamble with it – the first frost warning almost never comes true – and leave everything outside. I have some Cupheas still in bloom, and I wanted to save those over the winter, but didn’t get around to taking cuttings (there’s always plenty of time to do it later, right?). The Cuphea ignea, as of yesterday, looked as good as it has all season, and I was hoping a stray late hummingbird might stop by. One of the Cupheas (forgot the species) hasn’t even bloomed yet. And I still have some tomatoes ripening. Which reminds me, I picked one yesterday and left it on the trunk of my car – not a good place – so I’m going to go retrieve it right now while I’m thinking about it.

We’ll see if my gambling with the weather forecast works out or not….

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