Wild Weather

December 1st, 2006

Windy, very windy! Just decided to take a break from watching the neighbors’ unraked leaves blow into my laboriously raked yard. I hope when the wind shifts later this afternoon, they all go back into the neighbors’ yards.

But our weather is positively tame compared with what the Midwest is getting. I wonder how many snowflakes it takes to make, say, 12″ of snow over an average sized city? The answer might be somewhere on this site, if one had the time to go through it all. Individually, snowflakes are so pretty. Some of them even look like flowers. Like this one, for instance. And this one looks a lot like Ipheion uniflorum to me.

I’m choosing to ignore winter this year. Yesterday, I bought some hardy (I hope) plants to replant the containers on my front steps for the season. I got white heather (in bloom), creeping cotoneaster (with berries), and variegated English ivy. I promise not to let the ivy escape into the wild, assuming it lives through the winter. If the containers turn out looking like anything at all, I’ll post pictures, otherwise forget I said anything.

I’m too late for the Garden Bloggers’ Book Club, but I hope to post my review of The Essential Earthman next week. I plan to be on time for December’s selection. I don’t want to read any of the other reviews before I write mine, so it’s time for me to get offline before I’m tempted.

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