The Eviction of Phoebe

April 4th, 2007

A few weekends ago, I noticed an Eastern Phoebe checking out our porch ceiling fan at the country house. The weekend after that, a pair of them showed a lot of interest in the front porch, but they didn’t seem to want to share it with me. Last weekend, I found their nest on the porch light by the front door. What a snug little thing – stuck to the top of the light with mud and lined with soft moss – just the perfect place to bring up a family. Well….I really didn’t want it there (they got mud all over everything – walls, door, floor, doormat) but I think I’m incapable of destroying a bird’s nest, so I just told DH about it. He was unhappy (like I thought he would be) and a short time later the nest was gone. To the best of my knowledge there were not any eggs in the nest. I asked DH if there were, and his response was “Would you leave it there if there were?”. Translation: “I can’t believe you would leave a thing like that on the front porch”. I hope they find the perfect nesting spot – away from the house – but from what I read it seems that’s their preferred location.

I’m fiddling with Photoshop Elements Slideshows. They use Flash 9.0, and I don’t know how well they would work for users with dialup connections. And I’m not sure if the additional overhead is worth it just for the special effects. I’d love to have some feedback (good or bad) – just leave a comment.

Still not much in the way of wildflowers at the country place. In the woods there were a few spring beauties, and the ferns are starting to unfurl. We’re making a path through the woods with wood chips, and I’d hate to cover up any good plants, so in a way I’m glad I haven’t found many. In a field across the road, I found field pansies. I had never seen these before and I thought they were just the cutest things – imagine a Johnny-Jump-Up, but more delicate-looking. How could they be weeds?

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