More Things To Do While Waiting For The Tomatoes To Ripen

August 1st, 2007

Eat potatoes.

They’re a variety called Cranberry Red, or at least that’s what they are called by Territorial Seed. There is some controversy. Oh, and I also dug up a couple of the russet ones (forgot the name), but I was more interested in the pink ones. We’ve been buying the pink ones or similar for several years at the Arlington Farmer’s Market, and we liked them to the point of being disappointed when they weren’t available. So they were one of the first things on my list when deciding what to grow in the new central Virginia vegetable garden.

I harvested just a few last weekend, and you wouldn’t believe the fluorescent highlighter pink color of the skin. The picture doesn’t quite capture the luminescent quality. Since these were the first ones, I cooked them very simply to see if they were any good. They were, but maybe not as good as the ones we were getting from the farmer’s market. Or else I’ve magnified the taste of those in my memory. These seem more watery, and I wonder if it’s because I grew them in straw and gave them plenty of water when it didn’t rain.

But if you just can’t wait to see some ripe tomatoes….come to the county fair with me.


Having been disappointed by county fairs in northern Virginia, we thought we’d see what central Virginia has to offer. Last weekend we attended the Orange County Fair. Weeeeelllll…….what to say? I sure wish I was in the Midwest at fair time. My biggest disappointment was no poultry exhibit; there was a statewide ban on poultry exhibits until July 31. We may try the Albemarle County Fair this weekend. I hope I can see chickens. Tomatoes? I should have my own by this weekend.

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