Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

August 15th, 2007

It’s Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day and my list sounds like a broken record. (Anybody else here remember what a broken record is?) Many of the plants in bloom today have been mentioned in previous GBBDs this year. Let’s start with the ones that are new this time. As before, links are to my photos.

  • Gazania rigens ‘Daybreak Mix
  • Salvia coccineum ‘Coral Nymph
  • Agastache foeniculum
  • Morning Glory ‘Star of Yelta
  • Buddleia/Buddleja: ‘Lochinch’, ‘Black Knight’, ‘Potter’s Purple’,
  • Caryopteris
  • Eupatorium coelestinum
  • Miscanthus purpurascens
  • Chyrsanthemum, salmon pink
  • Coleus (Do you pinch the flowers off? I used to, but the hummingbirds like them.)
  • Hosta ‘Krossa Regal
  • Hydrangea paniculata grandiflora


Here are the oldies:

    • Petunias
    • Coreopsis verticillata ‘Moonbeam’
    • Mirabilis jalapa (Four O’Clocks)
    • Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Picotee
    • Cleome
    • Asclepia tuberosa
    • Rudbeckia hirta ‘Gloriosa Daisies’
    • Rudbeckia fulgida ‘Goldsturm’
    • Ceratostigma plumbaginoides
    • Salvia guaranitica ‘Black & Blue’
    • Salvia farinacea: ‘Evolution’, ‘Strata’
    • Larkspur ‘Blue Cloud’ (repeat bloom)
    • Torenia ‘Duchess Mix’ (now I know why it’s called Wishbone Flower)
    • Lantana
    • Alyssum
    • Assorted Cupheas
    • Nicotiana
    • Sedum kammschaticum

  • Calamintha nepetoides
  • Passiflora incarnata
  • Verbena bonariensis
  • Hibiscus syriacus ‘Blue Satin’
  • Agastache (maybe A. cana?)

The flower season is winding down here and it’s just as well because the drought is really starting to take hold. We were out of town for a few days, and even though I watered as much as I could before we left, it was tough to find plants that looked happy enough to be photographed.

I don’t know what’s blooming in central Virginia because we haven’t been there for 10 days. I’ll have an update in a few days if anybody’s interested.

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