Ugly Tomatoes

August 6th, 2008

You turn your back on the garden for one minute and everything changes. We spent a good part of the weekend weeding, trimming, deadheading, and generally prettying-up the vegetable garden. I picked a semi-ripe tomato before I left for Illinois. The spouse picked a couple of almost-ripe tomatoes while I was gone, and we picked a few more last weekend. The reason I didn’t blog about them was that they weren’t very pretty – some cracked, some with green shoulders (some varieties are supposed to be that way, but still), some catfaced – and all delicious I might add. But this morning, I read Carol’s post asking us to show off our UGLY tomatoes. Hey – I can do that!

I accidentally picked the greenish-yellow one. I was trying to snip off the yellow one, but couldn’t quite see where I had the pruners and … oops. This variety is ‘Kellogg’s Breakfast’, and it seems especially prone to catfacing. There was a pretty one (but green) I also snipped off by accident. It turned into some very tasty fried green tomatoes – perfect meaty slices, just starting to ripen inside. ‘Kellogg’s Breakfast’ has great flavor, very surprising for a yellow tomato (sort of an orangey-yellow), and it has a strong tendency to cling to the vine. If you don’t clip off the fruit with pruners, you’ll probably end up bruising it.

Some of the other varieties we’ve had so far are Striped Roman (slightly cracked, some blossom end rot), Piriform (cracked and green shoulders), Black Prince (green shoulders), Black Russian (cracked), and Matt’s Wild Cherry (perfect, but cherry tomatoes don’t count).

But if you want to see some pretty fruit, look at the peppers. I like tomatoes, but I love chile peppers. These are just a few of the 16? varieties I’m growing this year (most are hot, some not). Look for more posts about chile peppers in the next few weeks.

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