Life is Just a Bowl of Cherry Tomatoes

July 26th, 2010
'Matt's Wild Cherry' tomatoes

'Matt's Wild Cherry' tomatoes

…and peppers and beans and okra and a couple of tiny cucumbers…

Harvest, July 26

This morning's harvest

For those keeping score, the peppers are ‘Quadrato d’Asti Giallo’, ‘Milord’, ‘Romano’, ‘Padron’, and ‘Ají Cyrstal’. The beans are ‘Fin de Bagnol’, ‘Tavera Filet’, and ‘Pencil Pod Wax’. The cucumbers are ‘Poona’ and ‘Snow’s Fancy Pickling’. Only one kind of okra and that is ‘Emerald’.

There are lots more varieties of peppers and tomatoes, just not quite ready yet. Also, keeping my fingers crossed, I think we’re going to get some decent eggplant this year for the first time.

It has been just incredibly hot here. Over 100°F (≈38°C) for the last 3 days and over 90°F every day except one since the 4th of July. Very little rain.

6 Responses to “Life is Just a Bowl of Cherry Tomatoes”

  1. sandy says:

    They look so good. I love cherry tomatoes, and thought I had planted some. but they are not looking right on the vine!

    • entangled says:

      Uh oh. Hopefully they’ll be something just as good. I have one tomato plant that isn’t what I thought I planted either.

  2. What kinds of troubles have you had growing eggplant, Entangled? The rest of your harvest (so far) looks lovely, and eggplants are really easy to grow for me (I don’t even give them full sun) so I’m curious…

    • entangled says:

      You’re going to be sorry you asked…. 😉

      I started trying to grow eggplant in 2007. I think the variety was Cloud 9. There was some flea beetle damage, but most of the blossoms just dropped off. I’m not sure why. I think we got maybe 3 or 4 tiny eggplants. Then in 2008 the plants were totally killed by flea beetles. All the leaves were turned to lace and then fell off. I can’t remember if I planted Cloud 9 again or Rosa Bianca. So for 2009, I thought row covers were the answer except that I chose a mesh-type cover which didn’t totally exclude the flea beetles, and then the Colorado potato beetles found the plants and had no trouble crawling in under the row cover. Plus it was a really horrible year for heat-loving plants as it was cold and rainy most of the summer. We did get 2 small Rosa Bianca eggplants though.

      Now, I’m using a spun row cover (lightest weight Agribon) and that’s been pretty effective keeping the flea beetles out, except that I remove it for part of the day because I think the flowers need pollinators even though they’re said to be self pollinating. The Colorado potato beetles still got in, but I was able to hand-pick most of them before they did too much damage. I also added fertilizer to the soil when I set the plants out, hoping they might be able to outgrow any insect attacks. And I changed to some smaller-fruited varieties, thinking they might mature faster. So far, so good. I see several small fruits and these are by far the healthiest eggplant plants I’ve ever grown.

  3. Hi Entangled,

    Are the Matt’s really tiny? Our Sun Gold have a nice taste but boy, are they little…nice peppers, too!

    Hope you get NICE rain – with no flooding like Oak Park & Westchester near Chicago


    • entangled says:

      Yes, Matt’s is a very tiny tomato. I would say maybe 1/2 inch in diameter? I’ll have to measure them sometime. Fabulous flavor though. Sun Gold must be yellow, right? They’d look great in a salad with Matt’s I bet.

      My mother said they got something like 7 inches of rain with that last storm in Illinois. Amazingly, they didn’t have any real problems with flooding where they live. Still no rain here….maybe tomorrow, but at least it’s not as hot as it was.

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