Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

February 15th, 2011

:::::::::: 4th Anniversary Edition ::::::::::

Can it be that we’ve been doing this for four full years now? Yes, it can, and this post begins the fifth year of the monthly internet tally of flowers in bloom – Carol’s Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, inspired by Elizabeth Lawrence.

Well, Elizabeth Lawrence gardened in North Carolina where it’s just a little bit warmer most winters than it is here. This winter is not “most winters”. It’s been consistently cold and mostly dry. But yesterday felt like spring, with sunny warm breezes (which turned into a gale later in the afternoon), and so I dutifully went out and looked for flowers, not really expecting to find them. Oh, I knew about these snowdrops (Galanthus elwesii), because I can see them from my patio door and because they’ve been blooming since January 19th.

The later snowdrops, Galanthus nivalis, will be blooming soon, but not just yet. The crocuses are very tiny green sprouts, but they don’t take long to go from that stage to flowers. Usually, by this time of year there’s a scilla or two, but they’re sleeping late this year. I didn’t disturb the hellebores either, but I’m sure there are flower buds under the leaf litter. So that’s it for this GBBD, a few lonely white flowers and lots of buds.

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12 Responses to “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day”

  1. Rose says:

    How exciting to see those snowdrops blooming! We’re still covered with lots of snow, so I won’t be seeing anything like this is my garden for another month, I’m sure. Happy Bloom Day!

  2. CurtissAnn says:

    Beautiful little snowdrops! I had some last year, way down here on the Gulf Coast, where we don’t get snow. But they came up very late in the spring. Nature always surprises.

    • entangled says:

      That’s a great argument for trying plants where everybody says they won’t grow. I think there are also snowdrop species that are known to grow in warmer climates?

  3. Great to see your photos from VA—snowdrops are a favorite. You said dry, have you not had all the snow we’ve had? I am in snow-covered Pennsylvania, but the temperature suddenly shot up and I managed to find some flowers outside. Happy GBBD, Carolyn

    • entangled says:

      We had one big snowstorm in the DC area a few weeks ago, but that’s about it. And even that is mostly melted by now. I feel for you all who got soooo much snow this year.

  4. commonweeder says:

    I love being able to watch the slow approach of spring on these Bloom Day posts.

    • entangled says:

      Right after I type this, I’m going to visit some more southerly blogs for a preview of blooms to come.

  5. Hanni says:

    Lots of buds is something to be glad for! I am hoping to buy some snowdrops this year – yours look very pretty.

    • entangled says:

      I’m always happy to see the promise of flowers in all those buds – just wish they’d hurry up a bit 😉
      Snowdrops keep us cheerful while we’re waiting though!

  6. fer says:

    Very nice to see your snowdrops blooming. I hope i get some for next year

    • entangled says:

      Thanks for stopping by! It’s nice to have these graceful little flowers blooming so early in the spring. Or late in the winter, depending on your point of view 😉

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