Let’s Try This Again

February 7th, 2011

Hello? Anybody home?

I know I haven’t been around here much lately, but things are happening in the garden and I brought something to show you.

hardy white multiplier onions

White Multiplier Onions, fresh from the garden

The first harvest of 2011, Hardy White Multiplier onions. Looking them over in the garden I thought there might be enough fresh new growth to dig a clump.

White Multiplier Onions

Spring green onions!

And I was kind of surprised that the critters hadn’t shown any interest in them.

Critter-nibbled green onion

Oops. I spoke too soon.

Well, at least they didn’t eat them all to the ground the way they did last year.

So I did dig up a clump, used about half of it for lunch in Mark Bittman’s Scrambled Eggs and Shrimp, and separated the rest along their natural divisions, potted them up and put them in the cold frame. And then I covered the bed in the garden with Agribon, hoping to discourage any casual nibblers.

I’m feeling much better about things now, and especially the garden. The days are noticeably longer, birds are beginning to sing (just heard a cardinal), my early snowdrops are blooming, and I recently read The Secret Garden which is about the power of spring, gardens, good food and positive thinking. This is one of those books where I smiled and nodded in agreement because it describes my feelings exactly.

But I’m not so sure how I feel about blogging and the web anymore. It got to where I was mostly just cursing and deleting spam comments and being unhappy about content-scrapers and spammy search results and malware and, and……well, I just don’t know, but I’ll try again and see how it goes.

6 Responses to “Let’s Try This Again”

  1. They look great! I’ve never grown them but it seems that I should be able to if you can. Not that I have a decent place to put them or anything–but our climates are the same so I could if I wanted to. I guess I should start paying more attention to the lengthening of the days. I think I’m still stuck in ‘winter mode’ and haven’t gone out enough to realize that the days are indeed getting longer. Thanks for the reminder! I really should read The Secret Garden after hearing enough other people mention it. If I don’t hurry I’ll never get to it because once the weather is nice I tend not to read much. Hang in there with your blog. I don’t seem to have any issues with mine. Maybe Askimet can help you with wordpress spam? Blogger has an automatic spam remover now so I don’t have any problems. Good luck!

    • entangled says:

      It’s a very tasty, mild green onion. I’m still learning about perennial onions, but I’ve liked most of those I’ve tried. This one sprouts in the spring and in the fall (or maybe really just in the fall) with a dormant period in the summer.

      The Secret Garden is a quick read and a good enough story to keep turning the pages. I put it off for years thinking it was a children’s book (and I guess it is), but I enjoyed it and think I ought to re-read it every year about this time.

      Spam, ugh. I do have Akismet, but still have to go in and delete all the spam it catches. But I did turn off comments on posts older than 2 weeks. I hated to do it, but it did reduce the spam volume.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I havent heard of multipler onions. They look like our Spring Onions or Scallions – is this the same thing?

    Sorry you are fed up with the blog. I get like that sometimes especially when I have a bout of depression. Everything irritates more than normal but when I come out the other side I am always pleased to loose myself in blogs and I find writing mine helps me sort my thoughts out a lot

    Look after yourself

    • entangled says:

      Yikes, Helen your comment got caught in the spam filter! I have no idea why. That’s why I have to go look at every comment.

      But anyhow, back to onions. The White Multiplier (that’s the name that was sold to me) never makes a bulb, so yes, I would call it a spring onion or green onion or scallion. I bought them as sets, but last summer they bloomed, so I assume they could be grown from seed too.

      I also planted some seeds of White Lisbon last year, which are not supposed to make bulbs either, but I didn’t pull them all and by the end of the summer they did make small bulbs. I left a few in the ground over the winter and now they look much the same as the White Multiplier – splitting into clumps of nice green shoots.

      So I think they’re very similar things, but I have a lot to learn about onion varieties.

      Thanks, too, for the encouragement! I did miss blogging, and I think that’s why I came back to it. Plus, I think blogging makes me a better gardener – have to have nice things to show off 😉

  3. Christina Hendricks says:

    I really like your wp web template, exactly where would you down load it from?

    • entangled says:

      On the off chance that this isn’t a spam comment (it was trapped by my filter), I’ll allow it without links and respond.
      The WordPress theme for this blog is Mondo Zen.

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