Tying Up Loose Ends

February 11th, 2011

Updating a few items from last year. In reverse order:

  1. Mystery Insect.
    What is this insect?

    Margined Blister Beetle

    The late season pest devouring the eggplant leaves was a Margined Blister Beetle. Uh oh. These turn into a season-ending horde for many. I sure hope that doesn’t happen here, but that leaves another loose end to tie up later this summer. If you should happen to find one (or more) of these beetles, it’s best not to touch them – they cause blisters on human skin (hence the name), and they are toxic to livestock. But on the bright side, they eat grasshopper eggs – and we did have a large number of grasshoppers last year.

  2. Mystery Zinnia.
    Angelonia. Lantana, Zinnia

    Angelonia, Lantana, Zinnia

    I found the tag today. It was ‘Crystal White’. A nice annual filler-type plant. Well worth growing.

  3. Lemongrass.

    Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus)

    It grew and grew into huge attractive plants, and tasted just like store-bought. Just before frost, I cut most of it down, intending to freeze it, but just stayed in the crisper. It keeps a long time in the fridge, but not quite as long as I kept it there (I cut a huge amount). I finally threw it out last weekend after finding mold on it. I will definitely be growing grocery store lemongrass again this year. If you do the same, beware of the sharp leaf-edges. I cut myself more than once on them.

Another loose end which is too big to tie up hereĀ  is my evaluation of last year’s tomatoes and peppers and other sundry plants. Coming up soon.

I began sowing seeds yesterday. If you’re interested, I’m keeping track again this year at Folia. I still need to clean up some leftover info from last year, but all the recent plantings are there.

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