Question Mark

May 18th, 2011
Question Mark (Polygonia interrogationis)

Question Mark (Polygonia interrogationis)

No, really, that’s the name of this butterfly. Question Mark, or Polygonia interrogationis. Cool names, either one. I see these butterflies and their cousins, the Eastern Commas, flitting around the edge of the woods, but haven’t often gotten a chance to photograph them. And I think photography is about the only way to see the “question mark” in the middle of the hind wing. Can you see it in the picture above? Hints: click the photo for a larger image and then rotate your screen 90° to the left (kidding, but that will give you a better idea of what to look for). The Eastern Comma (Polygonia comma) has a similar marking, but lacks the dot.

Question Mark (Polygonia interrogationis)

Question Mark (Polygonia interrogationis)

This is how they look from above. Much nicer, I think, but the “question mark” is only visible from the other side.

This butterfly was fixated on the gravel driveway and returned repeatedly to the same spot, and that’s how I was able to get these photos.

2 Responses to “Question Mark”

  1. Great shots;-) I’ve never seen one up this way.

    • entangled says:

      Thanks! I don’t remember ever seeing the “question mark” either, until these photos.

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