Riverbend Park Wildflowers

April 4th, 2012

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Virginia Bluebells

Virginia Bluebells and Paw Paw flowers

The Virginia Bluebells are at peak bloom along the Potomac River in Riverbend Park. Maybe even a little past peak.

In almost 26 years of living in Fairfax County, I had never visited Riverbend Park. Yesterday was a gorgeous day to see it for the first time.

The number of bluebells isn’t quite as overwhelming as at Bull Run Park, but having the Potomac River in the background is very adequate compensation.

Virginia Bluebells along the Potomac

Virginia Bluebells along the Potomac

The flora seems a bit more diverse than Bull Run Park too, or at least different. I saw lots of woodland phlox, various violets, spring beauties, trilliums, and paw paw flowers. And many Zebra Swallowtail butterflies, but none would pose for a photo. (Paw Paw is the host plant for Zebra Swallowtail caterpillars.)



Turning inland away from the river, you enter a cathedral of tulip trees.

Tulip Trees

Fresh green foliage on majestic tulip trees

I walked upriver from the Visitor’s Center on a section of the Potomac Heritage Trail, and then inland back to the Visitor’s Center on the Follow the Hollows Trail. About 2 miles of easy walking.

I apologize for the not-so-great photos, but I was playing with an HDR app on my phone. A good app, I think, but not really suited to handheld photography. Anyhow, you really should go see for yourself!

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