Catching Up and a Tip for Dahlias

September 21st, 2019

But we’re still gardening. In fact, we’ve got the kitchen garden back into better shape than it’s been in years. And we’re growing a lot more flowers in it and fewer vegetables. The dahlias are spectacular this year, thanks to a tip I read in the Old House Gardens newsletter.

I started them all in nursery pots and then sunk the pot and all into the garden. Looking at the rather small size of the pots, I thought this could not possibly work, but it does. Previously, when we planted the tubers directly in the garden, we lost about half of them due to rot and underground critters. We did not lose any that way this year. And I thought, well, that’s fine when there’s enough rain but when it gets dry it won’t work. I’m wrong again. We’ve been in a dry spell recently (first one in two? years) and the dahlias droop a little in the afternoon sun but other than that they’re still going strong and blooming like crazy.

Oh by the way, I’ve opened an Etsy shop to have a second way to sell my stuff online. The things there are more craft-related, but I do have some (ok, one as of right now) vintage garden books listed.

Enjoy Your House Plants by Dorothy Jenkins and Helen Van Pelt Wilson, 1944

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