About Tangled Branches

I am a gardener.
And a family historian, and a cook, and a knitter, and a crochetist, and a reader.
And I used to dabble in software and databases for a living, but now only do it for fun. (It was never fun when doing it for a living.)

My gardens are on a suburban lot in the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington DC (Tangled Branches North), and since 2007, on a rural property in central Virginia (Tangled Branches South).

Tangled Branches North is wooded and shady behind the house, which is the only place the homeowners’ association will allow vegetable gardens.

Tangled Branches South is our retirement home, or will be when we eventually retire. Until then, it’s the site of the vegetable garden we can’t have at Tangled Branches North. The vegetable garden is in the middle of a meadow and the house is in the middle of the woods.

I’ve been blogging about my gardens since April of 2003. First on Blogger, and now on WordPress. The old Blogger files still exist, but with some problems. Internal links don’t work. Comments don’t work. Some of the pages don’t display correctly.

Oh, and Google knows practically everything about me, just check my profile.

Or find me on Twitter, but less often than in the past:

And I’m now on Facebook, reluctantly.

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