Kitchen Garden 2011-2012

A work in progress. I’ll update this as the season progresses and as I have time.

Update, 6 April 2012: Well, this wasn’t quite the answer to my record-keeping problems either. I’m currently working on a private wiki, not quite ready for public viewing yet. When it’s in better shape, I’ll replace this page with a link to it.

Update, 16 May 2012: see CultivatedWiki for my current kitchen garden activities.

Currently growing


  • Yellow of Parma: 2 sowings, 2nd sowing planted out May 13
  • Red Long Florence; planted out May 13
  • White Lisbon
  • Yellow Potato; tops starting to die down June 18
  • Yellow Moon Dutch Shallots
  • White Multiplier; tops starting to die down May 22
  • Egyptian aka Walking Onion aka Topset Onion; starting to make more sets May 14; last year’s sets started in the cold frame in late winter and planted out May 20


  • Nootka Rose
  • Romanian Red


  • Matt’s Wild Cherry; lots of green tomatoes May 27; first harvest June 17
  • Ceylon; one tiny green tomato May 22; first harvest June 20
  • Jaune Flamme; lots of green tomatoes May 27
  • German Pink
  • Virginia Sweets
  • Striped Roman; planted a second transplant in the garden June 3
  • Tess’s Land Race; planted out May 20
  • Riesentraube; planted out May 20
  • Black Krim; planted out May 20
  • Ten Fingers of Naples

Peppers, Sweet

  • Quadrato asti Giallo; transplanted into garden June 3
  • Kapiya; transplanted into garden June 3
  • Odessa Market; transplanted into garden June 3
  • Sweet Chocolate; transplanted into garden June 3
  • Bull Nose Bell; transplanted into garden June 4

Peppers, Hot

  • Chimayo, transplanted into garden June 4
  • Kashmiri, transplanted into garden June 4
  • Padron; transplanted into garden June 14


  • Listada de Gandia; transplanted into garden June 22
  • Rosita; transplanted into garden June 22
  • Pingtung Long; transplanted into garden June 22


  • Lemon Mist Thyme
  • Provencal Thyme
  • Variegated Lemon Thyme
  • Broadleaf English Thyme
  • French Tarragon
  • Garlic Chives
  • Chives
  • Rosemary
  • Sage ‘Extrakta’
  • Oregano, white-flowered; harvested and dried in the dehydrator May 31
  • Oregano, pink-flowerd
  • Horehound
  • Rue
  • Wormwood
  • Germander
  • Costmary
  • Mint-leaved Bergamot (Monarda fistulosa var. menthifolia)
  • Sorrel
  • Bronze Fennel
  • Eucalyptus gunnii ‘Silverdrop’
  • Dill ‘Mammoth’
  • Dill ‘Fernleaf’; direct-sown, poor germination
  • Dill ‘Bouquet’
  • Coriander, Lemon
  • Coriander ‘Ghanat’
  • Lemongrass; from stalks from the grocery store; planted out June 3


  • Fenugreek (Methi): flowering as of May 13; useable as greens at this point? my guess is not. Turned under June 4.
  • Chard: poor germination. Turned under June 4.
  • Spinach: poor germination. Turned under June 4.


  • Strawberry ‘Mara des Bois’; only 3 plants left from last year’s planting; ripening berries from May 10 to ?
  • Wild Blueberries (not really in the kitchen garden); ripening from June 2


  • Charentais Melon ‘Edonis’; direct-sowed June 3
  • Cucumber ‘Poona Kheera’; direct-sowed June 3
  • Cucumber ‘Snow’s Fancy Pickling’; direct-sowed June 3


  • Maris Piper; flowering June 2; first harvest June 21
  • German Butterball
  • Rose Finn Apple aka Pink Fir Apple; first harvest June 21

Peas and Beans:

  • Pea ‘Precoville Petit Pois’: 2 sowings, late February and mid March; first harvest from the late February sowing on May 27; very sweet and tender; finished within 10 days
  • Bush Bean ‘Tavera Filet’: direct-sown June 4
  • Bush Bean ‘Roc d’Or’: direct-sown June 4
  • Pole Bean ‘Neckargold’: direct-sown June 4, second sowing June 21
  • Pole Bean ‘Trionfo Violetto’: direct-sown June 4
  • Yardlong Bean ‘Kaoshiung’: direct-s0wn June 4
  • Cowpea ‘Red Ripper’: direct-sown June 4
  • Pole Bean ‘Black Greasy’: direct-sown June 21
  • Pole Bean ‘Blue Marbut’: direct-sown June 21
  • Pole Shell Bean ‘Habellones Regal’: direct-sown June 21


  • Emerald; transplanted to garden June 14
  • White Velvet; transplanted to garden June 14
  • Silver Queen; transplanted to garden June 14
  • Jing Orange; transplanted to garden June 14
  • Cherokee Long Pod; transplanted to garden June 14
  • Beck’s Big Buck; transplanted to garden June 14


  • Oenothera missouriensis
  • Oenothera sp. ‘Tina James’; blooming June 3
  • Dianthus barbatus; from seed in 2010, all in bloom May 22
  • Dianthus spp. ‘Fragrant Village Pinks’; from seed in 2010, all in bloom May 22
  • Chrysanthemum hyb. ‘Korean Hybrids’: from seed in 2010, flower buds forming on some plants May 22
  • Achillea hyb. ‘Summer Berries’
  • Lavender ‘Munstead’; blooming May 18
  • Lavender ‘Grosso’; blooming June 4
  • Lavender ‘Provence’
  • Lonicera sempervirens (Coral Honeysuckle)
  • Agastache foeniculum
  • Agastache foeniculum ‘Golden Jubilee’
  • Nepeta transcaucasica ‘Blue Infinity’; beginning to bloom May 22
  • Verbena hastata (pink)
  • Verbena bonariensis
  • Viola (seed saved from ‘Historic Florist Mix’)
  • Tigridia pavonia
  • Anemone ‘de Caen’
  • Cistus ladanifer (Rockrose, source of perfume ingredient labdanum)



  • Philadephia White Box: the strongest flavored so far; the spouse says it almost tastes like a real radish; 2 sowings
  • Easter Egg: the first sowing of these was not good – they bolted before they made good roots; second sowing better, but still some bolting
  • Roodkapje: cute, a Sparkler-type radish with red top shading into white; fairly mild
  • Rudi: the beauty contest winner; bright red round roots, fairly mild, but I’d grow it just for its looks; sown ?, finished May 13
  • M√ľnchner Bier: don’t know much about this one; may not be a spring radish; I’ve read that this is grown mostly for its long edible pods; flower buds as of May 22; pods as of June 3; we really didn’t like the pods much – rather bland
  • Shunkyo Semi-long: I like this one a lot, but it has a very short holding period in the garden – goes pithy very quickly; harvested all May 14
  • Udaipur: this was an attempt to get a radish the spouse would recognize as a real radish; I acquired seeds from Seed Savers Exchange and last year saved my own seed, however not well-isolated so I wouldn’t offer seed to others, but I will grow it out and see what happens


  • Hanson; maturing May 22
  • Tennis Ball; maturing May 22; bolted June 3
  • Forellenschluss; maturing May 22
  • Red Iceberg; maturing May 22
  • Grosse Brune Paresseuse; maturing May 22; left to form seeds and deer chewed off the flower stalks in early June – will see if it resprouts
  • Merveille des Quatres Saisons; maturing May 22


  • Ajo Rojo; harvested June 18

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  2. I’m a Northern Virginia 6b gardener too. I am writing to pursuade you to add to your kitchen garden 2011 page. I am thinking of having a kitchen garden in 2012 and I’m interested in how yours developed.

    • entangled says:

      Thanks for the motivation! I was kind of burned out on the blog and the garden both, but just needed a jump-start. I’ll try to get something posted soon.

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