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happenings in and around my zone 6b gardens in northern Virginia and in central Virginia

Monday, March 29, 2004

Weather: sunny this afternoon, but cool

In Bloom at Home: Everything from the previous post, plus one Virginia bluebell plant that came up as a seedling and some grape hyacinths.

In Bloom Nearby: Ornamental cherries, plums and pears; Forsythia; spring beauties in the woods at Walney along the Wild Turkey trail.

Chores: Cut down the all-but-dead rosemary plant - only one branch has any green on it. Not giving up on it completely just yet. Cut down some dead epimedium foliage - the new shoots (with flower buds) are poking up through it - it would have been easier to do this a week ago before the shoots were up.

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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Weather: rain this morning, now just overcast

Signs of Spring: had a surprise this morning when I looked into the backyard through my binoculars - there were leaves on the black haw viburnum!

In Bloom: more daffodils (wish I had bothered to write down the names of all the ones I have planted over the years; I only know some of them by sight); violets; scillas, still some crocus, puschkinia, chionodoxa, dandelions :-)

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Friday, March 26, 2004

Weather: nice! 2 days in a row of 70+ degree temps.

Planting: Just received my order from Wayside Gardens today, and planted it immediately. I got 2 Aesculus parvifolia (Bottlebrush Buckeye), 6 Hellebore 'Pine Knot Strain', and 3 Gaultheria procumbens (Wintergreen).
Last Friday my order arrived from Musser Forests, but I didn't get around to planting that until Tuesday. From them, I got 5 Amelanchier canadensis, 5 Ostrya virginiana, 5 Nyssa sylvatica (these are all tiny seedlings), and 10 Rosebay rhododendrons. The lawn service sent around a notice saying that this is the year of the 17-year locusts, and it is not a good idea to plant trees and shrubs this spring. Oh well.....

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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Weather: going into our 3rd day in a row of gray, wet, cold weather. A little light snow overnight and more predicted for later today. Monday was beautiful though.

Birds: there was a big flock of grackles and starlings in the backyard yesterday afternoon. The grackles raided the sunflower seed feeder, but didn't quite empty it. Juncos are still here - I always think it isn't really spring until they leave.

Plants: Ice Follies daffodils started blooming - not my favorite daffodil, but welcome anyway because it is so early. My oldest rosemary plant is looking very brown and dead. There is a bit of green inside it closer to the ground. Hoping it will come back if I cut it back hard. I just read in the NY Times this morning, that the fig trees at Monticello died back to the ground in the cold weather this winter. They are hoping they will come back if they cut them back hard....

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Weather: light snow right now

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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Weather: cool, mostly cloudy

In bloom: bunch-flowering crocus; early species Narcissus (but which species?); a few snowdrops left, but they are mostly finished; scillas are just starting

Birds: juncos are still here; the "dawn chorus" was clearly heard this morning before sunrise; saw both male and female flickers together on the same tree today - I think the ones in the backyard prior to this were all females; ruby-crowned kinglet is still visiting the suet feeder

Chores: cut down some dead perennial foliage, but the ground is still very muddy

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Monday, March 08, 2004

Weather: after a few warm days, it has now turned colder and we are getting some light snow flurries

Signs of Spring: Neighbor C strode purposefully onto his deck yesterday and looked around for something to chop down. Not finding anything immediately, he took down his Christmas lights from the deck instead. But his sap-lust was not to be deterred for long - he was happily pushing the lawn mower in the afternoon.

Birds: just saw some new behavior from a flicker this afternoon - it was having lunch at the suet feeder. They generally feed on the ground.

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