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Monday, August 30, 2004

Weather: we could use some rain, but TS Gaston is not going to oblige. Looks like the storm took a sharp turn to the east as it crossed the border into Virginia. We've had a bit of light rain this evening, but not enough to do any good. Back to watering again tomorrow. I understand that Richmond had about 5 inches of rain though.

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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Weather: light rain showers most of the day today. Yesterday was downright hot - one of the few times this summer that it has been.

Walking: Twice this week I walked on the Big Rocky Run Trail from Ellanor C. Lawrence Park. The first time I wished I had my camera. The second time I did. Got some nice pictures of the late summer-early autumn wildflowers, and a few butterflies that I haven't seen at home.
DH and I walked on our neighborhood trail one morning this week, taking the GPS with us - I was dismayed to find that my 2 mile walk had shrunk to 1.42 miles when measured with the GPS.

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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Weather: Hurricane Charley was a no-show here in western Fairfax County. It rained steadily and lightly yesterday afternoon for about 4 hours, and that was it. The sun was trying to come out around 7 pm when we were going out for dinner. Nice sunny day today.

Bird & Butterflies
: I posted new pictures of butterflies, and one bird. Some of the butterflies are ones I already posted, but they are either better pictures, or in a new context.

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Friday, August 13, 2004

Weather: Hail! We rarely get hail, but Wednesday afternoon we did. Big hailstones, not falling nicely straight down, but coming slantwise as if somebody was throwing them. I took a few pictures. Click here for a picture of an even larger hailstone from the same storm but a few miles east of here.
Thursday afternoon and evening we got about an inch of rain from the interaction of a cold front and tropical moisture from Tropical Storm Bonnie. Looking at current radar, it seems as if the remnants of Bonnie are going to move up the coast east of us today.
Now we wait for Hurricane Charley.

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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Weather: spectacular! Mostly sunny, cool (low 70s), low humidity.

Birds: I haven't been keeping the bird feeder filled lately as the squirrels are emptying it before the birds get to it. Time to try another squirrel-proof design?
The hummingbird food (flowers) is more or less self-replenishing, as long as I remember to water. I've seen hummingbirds just a couple of times this week, but I haven't spent much time looking either.

Insects: The Japanese beetles are turning some of the cupheas to lace. I don't remember them eating those last year. But I posted some pictures of insects that I like to have around. Four butterflies (different from the ones posted previously) and one dragonfly.

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