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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Weather: clearing and very windy after our encounter with the remnants of Hurricane Ivan

Birds: A very birdy day here today. First off, this morning I got some very good looks at a common yellowthroat. I think this is the same species I saw earlier in September, but didn't get a good enough look (with the field guide in hand) to make a positive ID then. Today, it stayed around a long time, and so I'm pretty confident I identified it correctly. Then, as we were sitting around drinking tea and reading the papers in the late morning, I saw something big move at the back of the lot. I looked for a while and finally saw a large hawk behind a planter. Shortly thereafter, it flew into the neighbor's yard clutching its lunch - a small squirrel. Hate to see creatures die, but if hawks have to eat, then they might as well eat squirrels. We seem to have a surplus. The hawk stayed on top of the neighbor's swingset and finished the whole squirrel. I took a lot of pictures, but edited down to four to show here. I'm pretty sure this is an immature red-tailed hawk after consulting Sibley (and the internet for more pictures). After the hawk excitement, a hummingbird came by while I still had the camera close at hand. I got one picture and DH got another one. The hummingbird (I assume the same one) has been around off and on all afternoon. I think this is a ruby-throat, but?

Photos: also uploaded a few photos taken earlier in the month.

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Weather: we are finally getting some rain - we had steady light rain this morning, and more showery-type rain this afternoon. The late dryness has really been affecting plants - I've noticed a lot of trees losing their leaves early.

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