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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Weather: first real frost last night. I covered up some plants that I thought might be good for another few weeks if it warms up, but even some of those I covered had damage.

Garden Clean-up: So, since many plants froze last night, it seemed like a good time to start the fall garden clean-up. I finally cut down the Rudbeckia seed-heads that the goldfinches had been working over. And cut down the definitely frozen plants - coleus, basil, ageratum, foliage ipomoeas, some salvia, some lantana. The Cupheas seem to have a bit of cold-hardiness, as do the Calibrachoa (million bells). The pineapple sage has been just beautiful this year; I tried to grow it several years ago, but it bloomed so late that the frost got it soon after. This year it has been blooming for weeks and I was hoping to enjoy it a while longer. It had a bit of damage last night even though covered. I may try covering it with something thicker than a sheet tonight.

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