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Monday, December 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Nothing to see here; move along. Well, no flowers anyway. It was such an absurdly warm day today I thought some of the more gullible early spring flowers might be open, but no luck. I checked the ones I know to be easily fooled by a few warm days - rosemary and one certain violet - and found rosemary flower buds, but no flowers.

There was one last place to look though - the holly tree outside the bedroom window. Tree Guy pruned it into suburban-standard shape in late summer, and that oftentimes makes it throw off a few more flowers. I knew it was blooming a few weeks ago. So I drew back the curtains, and...

again, flower buds, but no flowers.

Oh but look, the sapsucker has been here again recently. There are fresh wells chiseled out of the bark.

This same holly tree was almost girdled by sapsuckers two or three years ago, but the holes callused over and the tree went right on growing as if nothing happened. I wouldn't be heartbroken if they did eventually kill that tree - it's way too big for where it's planted. The builders planted them at the corners of just about every house in our neighborhood.

The builders didn't plant this, however. The birds did.

Many years ago, this was a chance seedling at the edge of the woods in back of the house. I just let it grow, and have been rewarded with loads of gorgeous berries. Usually the birds have picked it clean by now, but this year they're leaving me some Christmas decorations.

Now I'm off to check the Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day post at May Dreams Gardens. I'll surely find some flowers in bloom there.

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

That's a Wrap

I think it's pretty much over until spring.
Rabbit-eaten Sorrel
The vegetable garden, that is. I went out this morning and found that the kale and sorrel had been eaten. The radish foliage has been eaten several times. The carrot foliage is nibbled on. The ground was frozen hard. Wonder if the carrots are still any good? Dunno, because I'm not in the mood to chisel them out of the soil. The weather got so cold so fast this year. I just wasn't prepared.
Frosty carrots

But, hey, that should be good for the persimmons, right?
Persimmon, Diospyros virginiana
Weeellll.....I plucked the one in the lower right hand corner. The pulp was a mushy sticky mess - very sweet, but still had that puckery astringency near the seeds. Maybe I should plant a cultivated variety for myself and leave the wild ones to the wild critters. Speaking of, a rabbit and I startled each other while I was looking at the persimmons, and I blame it and its family for eating the kale and sorrel. The work was too neat and dainty for a deer to have done it.

So, what's left to talk about until spring? Birdwatching, stargazing, garden catalogs, and frosty moss-scapes.
Frosty moss and lichen

Oh yeah, and complaining about the weather.

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