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Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Monday's dinner was BLTs and sauteed green beans. I made the BLTs with 2 different kinds of bread and we had half a sandwich of each kind. I've been trying to find a replacement for Mom's Apple Pie Co.'s sunflower seed bread. This bread made the very best BLTs, but alas it is no longer easy to obtain. Used to be sold at Chantilly Farm Market (way back when) or at Mom's Apple Pie Co. store in Herndon. Unfortunately, Mom moved to an industrial park in Sterling and now only has one retail location in Leesburg. I never go to Leesburg anymore - too much effort. So I'm still looking for a similar bread for BLTs. One of the substitutes I tried was Great Harvest's Dakota - this has lots of seeds in it and a good crunch, but not the same firm texture (to keep all the juicy sandwich ingredients in without falling apart). The other substitute was a country whole-wheat from Atwater Breads - a nice bread, but not quite what I am looking for in a BLT bread.

For a nice change from the usual BLT, use flavored mayonnaise. I usually make basil-garlic mayonnaise, but this time I made mustard-chile-honey mayonnaise. Just a few spoonsful of mayo, a dollop of prepared coarse-ground mustard, a dash of Penzey's Aleppo Chile, and a dab of honey. Mix all together and slather generously on sandwich.

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