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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Lasagna for Burns Night

Last night was Burns Night. We had no haggis, no Scotch whisky, and no poetry. (But I was considering buying this - maybe next year).

Instead we resorted to another kind of store-bought food, because dinner plans went like this:

So we had Chicken Lasagna from Huxtable's. This is the second item we've had from them (the other was Beef Enchilada Casserole), and they have both been pretty good for convenience food. Both were purchased as Costco, but they only seem to be available there sporadically.

Sauteed some Trader Joe's frozen haricots vert in Trader Joe's olive oil, with some Trader Joe's roasted red pepper, Trader Joe's pepperoncini, Trader Joe's chicken broth, olives, and some pork cracklings left over from New Year's Eve dinner (about which I didn't blog).

Also had part of a mini-baguette from Costco. These are OK, but we like the ones from La Brea Bakery better.

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Mall Food

We've been taking our exercise indoors these last few days - mall walking. Last night it was Dulles Town Center. Since we were there and it was dinner time, we tried a likely-looking kabob stand in the food court. And it was really good! Huge portions (may or may not be positive, depending on your point of view), kabobs grilled over charcoal (I think), and fresh bread from the tandoor. We requested they skip the rice (way too much food if you get both bread and rice), and got free vegetable side dishes instead. So I had chicken kabob with spinach on the side and DH had lamb kabob with potatoes on the side. The name of one kabob (Kubideh) led me to believe these were Persian-style kabobs, but the food tasted Afghani or Pakistani to me.

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Bread House

We had a delicious non-nutritious lunch of pastries from the Bread House in Falls Church. There was a short item about this place in the Washington Post recently, and we decided to check it out.

The good news: everything we tried (mini apple pie, mini apple cake, and "Bostock") was excellent. And they have done a really nice job of making the interior of their store look welcoming and attractive.

The bad news: we wished there were tables or a counter to sit down and eat, especially since they do serve coffee and tea, and the store is so welcoming and attractive.

We also picked up a sourdough boule, but haven't tried it yet.

Can't find a web site for the store, but there were a couple of articles (1,2) about it in a Falls Church newspaper.

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