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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Buffalo Wing Factory

Sunday evening, we made our first visit to the newest branch of the Buffalo Wing Factory in Chantilly. We've been going to the one in Sterling for years, but with the realignment of Church Street, it's harder to get there.

The new place has a bit more atmosphere than the old one, but that isn't saying much. As far as we could tell, the wings were identical to the ones we order in Sterling. Maybe not quite as crisp, but that's a variable quality in Sterling too. We've never ordered anything other than wings at either place, so can't comment on the food other than that. Other than for wings, it looks to be standard mass-produced bar food.

Sadly, the selection of microbrews continues to shrink (despite their advertising), but they still have some Old Dominion products, so we're still OK.

But we like the idea of a smoke-free place to have a good beer or two without trekking all the way up to Ashburn to the Old Dominion Brew Pub, so I imagine we'll visit this place every couple of weeks.

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Hamblog 1

(began writing this on March 28, and am just now posting)

I was lured by A Cook's Wares into buying a ham for Easter from David Rosengarten. It was pricey, and honestly, his writing sets off all my scam detectors, but DH was sitting across the table from me when I was reading the sales pitch, and said "Order it!" And I needed something for Easter dinner, so I did.

The meat itself was wonderful and everything promised - very juicy and fork-tender - but the seasoning on it was just weird. My first impression was that it was some kind of barbecue dry spice rub; my next impression was that it was Lawry's Seasoned Salt; my third and final impression was that it made the meat taste like hot dogs. So, although I may seek out a Berkshire (aka Kurobuta) ham again, I won't get it from the same source.

I threw away the ham bone (gasp! - I never do that), but there was plenty of meat to store in the freezer. Now we're into the leftovers. So far I've made a macaroni & cheese casserole from Crazy for Casseroles (it was too bland but we have liked other recipes in the book); tamale hash (no recipe - just hash-slinging); ham and cheese sandwiches; and various frittatas. In fact we just had another frittata yesterday for lunch. Let's see just how long eternity is.

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