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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Long and the Short of Our Trip to Charleston (part 3)


The hotel delivered a breakfast tray to our room on the first morning after our arrival. Even though we had specified what we wanted, we weren't prepared for the quantities. The pastries were good, the tea was OK (needed hotter water), and we didn't really want much for lunch after that. So we skipped lunch, but had a dish of ice cream at Wholly Cow near the Imax Theater. DH's Butter Pecan seemed a bit thin, but my Chunky Turtle was fine. I don't think I would seek out this ice cream, but I wouldn't turn it down if it was on offer either.

We walked a lot on Wednesday and so we were pretty hungry for dinner. We chose S.N.O.B. (Slightly North of Broad). I was not aware that it's part of a local restaurant empire, but now our experience there makes more sense. The food was generally good quality, competently prepared, but we left feeling underwhelmed (albeit full). The service was a bit chilly and rather rushed. Appetizers: I had a cup of the Lowcountry Vegetable Soup. OK, but nothing special. DH had figs stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in prosciutto. Very tasty, but very rich. Bread basket: DH said the white bread was good; I didn't try it. The cornbread was cut into tiny squares, which was just as well because it was the dry, crumbly kind. I can make better at home. Entrees: I had flounder stuffed with deviled crab (a once-weekly special). Pleasant enough, but very rich. I would have been happier with a smaller portion of fish and a larger portion of the snow peas and mashed sweet potatoes. Two fried shrimp were piled on top of the fish (is tall food ever going away?) and they were excellent. DH's entree has completely left my memory....I'll have to ask him and do an update here. [Update: DH had pan-seared wahoo - a special.] For dessert, we chose to share the Sour Cream Apple Pie (said by the waiter to be a signature dish). This was a big ho-hum. It was served refrigerator cold, which didn't enhance it any. Overall, I'd say the meal there was acceptable (we didn't feel cheated or mistreated), but I'm in no hurry to go back. And why on earth is Pad Thai on their menu?

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Long and the Short of Our Trip to Charleston (part 2)

Here's the long version of our trip to Charleston.


We started out mid-morning from No. VA, and so were close to Petersburg, VA at lunch time. Stopped at King's Barbecue #2 on Crater Rd. We liked everything we tried. DH had a BBQ pork sandwich (minced, not sliced - there was a choice), and I had the small size BBQ dinner (at lunch, remember). DH was happy that the sandwich was served on a toasted bun. The dinner came with coleslaw, french fries, hush puppies, and biscuits. Would have been better with real butter for the biscuits, but that's a quibble. The meat was in largish shreds, and included a bit of browned edge. The sandwich came pre-sauced, but the dinner didn't. The sauce was a vinegary, red mixture (don't think there were any tomatoes in it). The coleslaw was nicely tangy, not that sugary sweet kind that some places serve. French fries, hush puppies and biscuits were all piping hot. We would glady return to King's Barbecue.

Nothing tastes as good as a beer after a long drive. As soon as we got our bags into the hotel room we walked to the end of the block and across the street to Southend Brewery. I found out just this minute that this place is a chain. Anyway, we mostly liked it, but I was mistakenly served the Blonde Light. I enthusiastically recommend that you try something else. I had ordered the Southend Blonde, their signature ale, and I was really disappointed in it - tasted like any cheap mass market beer. When we got the bill, we were charged for a Blonde Light, so I believe that's what I was served. The Pale Ale was much, much better - nice and hoppy. Food-wise, we ordered pub grub - sandwiches. DH had the grilled tuna and I had the crispy grouper. Portions were generous, but not gargantuan (this is a positive thing, in my view). Fries were freshly out of the fryer, and were very good. We liked everything except the Blonde Light beer.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

The Long and the Short of Our Trip to Charleston

The executive summary of our restaurant tour of Charleston, SC:

Type Good Bad Indifferent
Expensive Restaurant Hominy Grill Sermet's Corner S.N.O.B.
39 Rue de Jean  
Budget Restaurant Jestine's Parker's BBQ, Wilson, NC Andolini's Pizza
Bookstore CafĂ©  
King's BBQ 2, Petersburg, VA  
Brewpub Southend Brewery  

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