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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bam! I Just Saw Emeril at the Store

I knew something was up at the Fair Lakes Whole Foods store as soon as I walked in. Perhaps it was the enormous video camera on a ladder tripod by the entrance. I thought they must be filming a commercial or something. The produce department was unusually well-stocked and that's where the camera was pointed, so I didn't think much more about it as I continued my shopping.

As I rounded the corner near the cheese department, I saw more video equipment, lighting, guys with headsets, etc. There were a few people behind the counter with their backs to me and I thought that guy looks like Emeril Lagasse. But I wasn't expecting to see Emeril Lagasse in my grocery store, ya know?, so I didn't stand there and stare or anything.

I continued on to the bakery department and found it absolutely overflowing with many different kinds of bread. The bread counter hasn't looked like that for months - at least not when I was there.

And then I continued to the checkout counter and asked the clerk, "What are they filming back there?" He said "Oh you know that chef that says Bam!? They're doing some kind of TV show with our stuff."

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