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Monday, May 05, 2008

Bam! Emeril Was at the Store Again

Things have changed a little since the last time I saw Emeril at the store. Now they have handouts in the shopping baskets telling you to Act Natural! (and don't look into the camera). In case you didn't read the handout, there's a guy at the entrance telling you that Emeril is in the store today and, by the way, Act Natural! Also, they've posted a lawyerly notice telling you that by entering the store you've consented to be on television and if you think you're gonna get paid for it, you can think again (paraphrasing here). Geez, I need to start wearing better clothes and makeup when I go to the store.

So what's all this about then? The handout says Emeril will be starring in a new show called Emeril Green on a new network called Planet Green, a branch of the Discovery Channel.

Do you want to be on TV as more than just a unpaid extra? The back of the handout is printed with the exact wording from this page on the Planet Green web site. They're looking for "enthusiastic and fun people" and since you have to tell them your age and send a photo, you'd probably better be young and attractive.

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