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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tena to Katie, 3 Dec 1893

Canal Dover, December 3, 1893

Dear sister and family,
I take pleasure in answering your letter which you wrote October 9th and was glad to hear from you. How are you all getting along? I suppose you got entirely settled by this time.

Well this looks like winter. The ground is covered with snow here and is still snowing some more. On Thanksgiving day there was a funeral on our street. Mrs. Pifer died age 55.

What dull times we're having. The works are not started to work yet here in Dover. Will has no work yet. There are so many men without work. There is some stealing going on. There were 10 chickens stolen from one farmer. They cut all the heads off, leaving them lay and the chickens they took along.

How is father and mother getting along? I suppose you see them often. Give them our regards when you see them. Katherine is well and happy all the time. She goes to Sabbath School every Sunday when it is fit to go. The baby is teething. He has three teeth. He is nine months old. He tries so hard to talk. He can say Mamma and Papa.

How is the weather up there? It is cold and wintry. And what are you doing to keep yourself busy? News are so scarce so I will close writing hoping to hear from you soon.

I remain, as ever, your sister,
Kindest regards to all.

P.S. The houses here in town are numbered now. Our house is No. 21 North Fourth St.

Notes: Tena is my great-great-grandmother Christena Roth Weinsz. She is writing to her sister, Katie Roth Ruth, in North Amherst, Ohio. Katie married George Ruth in May of 1893, about 6 months before this letter was written. The "Will" who has no work is Tena's husband, William Weinsz. "Katherine" is their daughter (and my great-grandmother), Katherine Weinsz Gordon, and "the baby" is Katherine's brother, Albert Weinsz, the man who transcribed these letters from the original copies. I'm posting from his transcriptions.

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