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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tena's Letters

I'll let my great-grandmother tell you about these letters. She writes:

Some of My Mother's Letters, awfully faded and hard to handle - so Bro. Albert G. Weinsz copied them as best he could make out the meaning of them. These were written to Aunt Katie Ruth and Aunt Rosa Jacobs. Then when they died, they were given to Albert and I. They were in the W. 4th St. House, so Albert found them and copied them...

Her mother was Christena (Christina) Roth Weinsz, and she was writing home to her sisters in Lorain County, Ohio. Tena married William Weinsz and moved to his hometown of Dover, Ohio. How did she meet him when they lived 100 miles apart? That's one of our history's mysteries.

I plan to post these on the day of the year in which they were written, but not in chronological order. I'll begin tomorrow with a letter from December 3, 1893. These letters are largely taken up with the day-to-day concerns of a young wife and mother of average means in late 19th century Ohio. They may not be riveting reading, especially if you don't know the players, so I'm going to include links to pictures and background material when I can.

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