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Monday, March 30, 2009

Tena and Katie to Katie, 29 March 1896

Canal Dover, Mar 29

Dear Sister and Brother and Family,

I will answer your letter at once which we received a few weeks ago and were glad to hear from you all. We were quite surprised to hear you having a little daughter at present time. I expected to hear the news some months later. How are you getting along and how is the baby? I hope you are getting along finely. We wish you good luck to your young daughter and hope you will have the luck of raising her. Have you found a name for the baby? If not, I will mention a few, Christina "Dorothy".

How is the weather up there? The month of March was very changeable here. Cold snow rain, then the same thing over again all the month.

Will is still working at the Furnace every day. They have to work quite hard there.

The children are all well. There will be no school this week which will suit Katharin as she likes to play outdoors with Albert when the weather is fit to go out. Today it is very warm and I think that it will rain before long.

Today the children were confirmed in our church. There were about thirty this year.

I don't know enny news so I will close for this time, hoping to hear from you soon.

I will remain,
your Sister,
Tena Weinsz

Regards from all to all

(a note from Tena's daughter was on the back of this letter)
Mar 30, 1896

Dear Uncle and Auntie,

I will write you a few lines and let you know that I received your letter and was glad to hear from you all. I was very glad when I heard that I have a little baby cousin and wish very much to see it.

Dear Auntie I would like to come up to see you this summer but I don't know if I can unless Mamma can go too. Mamma can't spare me as she is not well. I have to bring in all the water and coal, and have to help Mamma a great deal.

Katharin Weinsz

This is Elinore Ruth, the new baby mentioned in the letters.

She looks like a happy child, don't you think? Elinore was born March 8, 1896, three weeks before the date of this letter. Her mother, Katherine Roth, married George Ruth in 1893 in Black River Township, Lorain County, Ohio. George Ruth owned a hardware store in Amherst, Ohio.

Confirmation. Tena's letter was written on Palm Sunday 1896, and she says there were about 30 young people confirmed at St. John's church that day. I count 34 in the published record book, and again see some familiar names. For more info on the published church books and some of the families mentioned here, see my previous post.

Karl Christian Aehling, son of Christian (+) Aehling and Marg. Feigert.

Eduard Bernhard Wendling, son of Ludwig Wendling and Charlotte nee Weber.

Daniel Jakob Zoller, son of Heinrich Zoller and Maria nee Aehling.

Friedrich Warther, son of Gottfried Warther and Anna nee Balsiger. Friedrich was a brother of Ernest "Mooney" Warther of the Warther Carving Museum fame. Well worth a visit, if you're ever in the area.

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