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Monday, July 6, 2009

Tena to Katie, 18 June 1895

Canal Dover, June 18th 1895

Dear Sister and Brother,

I will now answer your letter we received some time ago. We were glad to hear from you all.

Well now it is summer again and we are having our longest days. I suppose farmers are very busy from early morning untill night. How is the weather? Here it has been very dry and warm. The rains come so far apart. They say the wheat is very short and hay will be scarce around here.

Will is working every day at the furnace. He says she will be finished soon, ready for to start about next month.

School is out. Katharin is glad, it has been so warm to go to school.

We have not been out to Grandma's house for such a long time. You heard that John has been very sick. He is better now. He is out of bed for a week now and is improving. The rest are all well.

I had a letter from Sister Rose last week. She gave me some of the news around home. Do you get home often? When you get home, give our regards to our parents.

I think fruit will be scarce this summer all but there will be apples around here. The strawberries I got for 25 cts. They may come down.

Mrs. John Feil has a little baby boy of a few weeks old.

The children are well at present and Katharin often speaks of yous and what a nice time she had while she was to her Aunt Katie's house.

News are scarce so I will close writing, hoping to hear from yous soon.

I remain, as always,
Your Sister Tena

Our regards to all, write soon

[the following is a note my great-grandmother wrote on the back of her mother's letter]

Dear Aunt Katie,

I will write you a few lines and tell you that my school is out and I am glad of it for it is to warm to studdy. My mamma made me a new white dress. I am seven years old and Albert is two years old. We play outdoors all day long. I go to Sunday School every Sunday. Our Sunday School will have a picnic. I would like to go if I can. So goodbye Aunt Katie


Whoops, June got past me and I'm only now getting around to posting great-great-grandma's June 18 letter. Reading through these letters, I think I can see where I get some of my procrastination.

A few notes about some of the people mentioned. John, who had been ill, would be John Weinsz, Will's brother. He would have been about 22 years old at the time of this letter. Apparently he made a complete recovery from his illness because he went on to marry and have five children and didn't die until 1943.

I don't see a baptism record for Mrs. John Feil's baby boy in the records of St. John's Evangelical church in Dover, but the 1900 US Census shows a 4 year old John P. Feil, son of John and Anna Feil living in Strasburg, Tuscarawas Co., Ohio. The census also says his birthday is June 1894, and he couldn't be 4 years old if that was true. I am guessing that this is the baby boy Tena mentioned and he was born in June 1895 and was therefore 4 years old at the taking of the census on 1 June 1900. Anna Catherine Feil (John Sr.'s sister?) married Louis Weinsz (Will's brother).

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