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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tena to Katie, 13 Aug 1893

Canal Dover, Aug 13th

Dearest Sister and Brother,

I received your letter a few weeks ago and was glad to hear from you. How are you all getting along and how do you enjoy married life? Do you get homesick, and how often do you go home?

The weather here has been very warm and dry. We had no good rain for a month.

The furnace has shut down for repairs, but they did not start to repair it yet. Will has not had any work since they shut down; it is over two weeks.

Katharin was sick for a few days. She had some kind of a fever, is better again. She goes to Sabbath school every Sunday and learns a little bible verse and a word each Sunday. The baby is well and growing. He is not such a big child but he seems real spry. He sits alone in his buggy or high chair. For the last month, when his papa comes in the house, he reaches out his little arms and begs for to take him. Not one person I heard say that he looks like his mama. They all say he looks like his papa, only blue eyes like his grandma.

I am making short clothes for the baby.

We had a letter from home, and Rose, when you go home, let them see this letter and I will answer theirs in a few weeks. Give to them our kindest regards.

We had a well dug this summer. I forgot to write it in my last letter home. They dug 14 feet, then they drove an iron pipe. It is 30 feet deep, 8 ft of water. It is nice cold water.

Now I will close writing hoping to hear from you.

I remain, your sister,
Tena Weinsz

Regards to all

This seems to be a short summery type of letter. Not much for the commenter to comment on, except I wonder how they got water before they had their well dug?

And I don't know if I think that Albert looks like his father. Twenty-seven years later this is how they looked in a family snapshot.

William and Albert Weinsz, Christmas 1920

What do you think?

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