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I began creating family history web pages many years ago. The original site was hosted by AOL, which dropped all users' web pages on 31 October 2008. Before RootsWeb was absorbed by ancestry.com, I planned to move all my genealogical information there. I got as far as uploading a version of John Dobbeck family history.

I also uploaded some information to RootsWeb's WorldConnect project, before it was acquired by ancesty.com, and those databases can be accessed using the links in the sidebar to the left.

This site, tangledbranches.com, has some photos that the previous versions did not, especially for the Emil Beilke family and Katherine Weinsz family. Use the links above to navigate to the image galleries for each family.

Tangled Branches: Inherited is a supplement to the basic genealogical information presented here. Letters, diaries, stories, history notes - in blog format. Last updated 10 years ago in 2009 :-(


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