Friday, September 24, 2004

Knitting on TV

I was just taking a break from housework this afternoon, when I flipped channels to the DIY Network. Never really paid much attention to this before (there are sooooo many crafty-home improvement-type shows everywhere now), so I was startled to see that: 1) the current show was about knitting, and, 2) the guest was Sally Melville. I have been immersed in Sally's book, The Knit Stitch, for several weeks now. I noticed that she was wearing garments from the book, including the scarf I'm working on now - the Shape It! Scarf (see here too). This is my third project from the book - the second one, Jen's Poncho, is awaiting finishing (because she wants you to wash the pieces before seaming, and I need to clear a space for them to dry flat). Anyway, Sally's a good teacher both in the book, and in person (on TV).