Friday, February 25, 2005

Simplex Loom

I got a nifty thing for Christmas, and I've just gotten around to playing with it. The Simplex loom is a hand-held loom, similar to a Weavette. Mine is an actual antique, or at least a collectible, made by F. B. Gustafson at 810 Ashland Ave. in Rockford, IL. I know this because I have the original instructions that came with the loom. I haven't yet been able to find out anything about the company that made it.

The needle that was included with the loom was not quite long enough to weave all the way through the warp at one time, and I thought it was too hard to try to weave with it that way. So I went Googling for a weaving needle, and found one at Camilla Valley Farm that looked like it might work. I ordered it a couple of weeks ago and it arrived this week. Well, that made a huge difference in the use of the loom.

I want to try out several different weights of yarn in different fibers to see what I like best before committing to a big project. The blue square was made with Lion Brand Wool-ease, and the white one with ?. I think it was a Bernat yarn. The white is about a sport weight and Wool-ease is supposed to be worsted weight. It was easier to weave with the thinner yarn, but of course that gives a much looser fabric. Maybe I'll get a chance to try some other yarns this weekend.


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