Sunday, March 20, 2005

THE Poncho

I'm thinking of jumping on the Martha Poncho bandwagon.

Controversy rages. People who like Martha and/or ponchos are going to make one. People who hate Martha are blogging nasty things about it. People who are bored with/never liked ponches, see previous statement. Knitters are all sniffy because it's crocheted and made from cheap acrylic yarn. Crocheters are happy because their craft finally gets some good (sort of) PR. Some people suspect a conspiracy between Martha and Lion Brand yarn. (Martha says it was made from Lion Brand yarn; others say it was made from Bernat Galaxy.)

I had some Lion Brand Homespun left over from my Critter Knitters blanket, so I got out the largest crochet hook I have and started working the pattern from the Lion Brand website. This exercise had 2 purposes:
  1. To see if I could crochet with Homespun. (Yes, but it is awfully hard to see the stitches; may be easier with the larger hook the pattern calls for.)
  2. To see if I liked the pattern enough to continue. (I think it will be fine. I like the Lion Brand one the best of all those that have been posted, Lily Chin's second best.)
So, since Homespun is on sale this week at Michael's, I'll probably go and see if they have any left. Also need to buy a size N hook made from some slippery material. The wooden size L I have isn't slick enough for the yarn.


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